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Showers Solar Heating

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New SINED Solar Heating Showers: a revolution in comfort and eco-sustainability.

When we talk about quality, we really mean addressing every single aspect of a product. With SINED’s new solar heating showers, whether you are looking for a polyethylene or stainless steel model, you can be sure that the quality is first class.

Attention to detail starts with the design. Each solar-heated shower is skilfully crafted, with internal tanks holding up to 40 litres of water. This not only guarantees a long service life, but also an ideal water temperature, making the most of solar energy.

State-of-the-art technology is combined with intuitive design. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the clear instructions and exclusive accessories included. You can customise your shower by choosing the colour that best matches your space. Take a look at our catalogue to discover the many variations and details.

Imagine having a hot shower in your garden, by your swimming pool, in communal areas, green spaces, bathing establishments, campsites or any outdoor space. Simply place them in a sunny area and you are ready to enjoy a relaxing shower without the burden of additional water heating costs. Nature takes care of your well-being, and you, in the meantime, help preserve it by choosing environmentally friendly solutions.

SINED’s range of solar heated showers is vast and diverse. Whether you are looking for a specific model in terms of size, capacity, colour or material, we are sure you will find one that suits you. Some of these models are exclusively manufactured and distributed by SINED, a brand that has gained a prominent position in the solar heated shower scene.

So why look elsewhere when we have packed everything you want in one place? Explore, choose and enjoy the pleasure of a solar shower with SINED.