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Solar Aluminum Showers

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Aluminium solar heated showers from SINED: A combination of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

When it comes to innovation and design in the world of outdoor showers, SINED’s aluminium solar showers are undoubtedly at the forefront. These showers, with their curved design and attention to detail, are not only a means to cool off on hot summer days, but also a true piece of furniture. Whether you want to place them in your garden, on a terrace, by a swimming pool or in any other outdoor environment, they will integrate perfectly. And not only that: thanks to their versatility, they are also suitable for indoor activities, including games.

One of the distinctive features of these showers is the use of aluminium, a lightweight, durable material with excellent thermal properties. Each shower has undergone an anti-corrosion treatment, complemented by a special paint that protects them from the elements and preserves their shine over time. This, combined with the quality and precision of the design and construction phase, ensures unrivalled durability and resistance.

Sizes and capacities vary to suit every need. With tanks ranging from 25 to 40 litres, depending on the model, these showers guarantee a constant flow of water, sufficient for multiple uses throughout the day.

But it doesn’t end there. Each aluminium solar shower in the SINED series is equipped with features designed to enhance your experience: a swivelling shower head to direct the jet of water as you prefer, a practical mixer to adjust the water temperature according to your needs, and a useful foot-washing tap, particularly appreciated by those who like to walk barefoot or after a day at the beach.

Experience summer in a sustainable way with our solar showers. The sun’s energy is put to good use, allowing you to enjoy refreshing showers without the environmental impact and energy costs of conventional solutions.

SINED’s solar-heated outdoor showers are, without a doubt, the green way to enjoy every summer season.