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Electric fireplaces Wall

Welcome to the exclusive collection of SINED wall-mounted electric fireplaces: the perfect harmony between elegance and functionality. Each model, whether APRICA, MONTE-BIANCO, PORDOI or STELVIO, has been meticulously designed to turn simple warmth into an experience, creating a cosy and sophisticated ambience for any space.

We know how important it is to find the right solution for every environment, be it a home, an office or a business. That is why we are certain that you will find the fireplace that reflects your needs among our proposals.

One of the outstanding features of our fireplaces is the flame effect. Ultra-bright and realistic to the point of being perfectly visible during both day and night. The adoption of eco-sustainable LED technology guarantees quality lighting with an eye on energy saving. The design of the beds and logs has been expressly conceived to maximise the effect of the flames, making it even more vivid and evocative.

With SINED electric fireplaces you have all the advantages and atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, but without the drawbacks of smoke and maintenance. One key detail to consider: the series is specifically designed to be wall-mounted, not flush-mounted, thus ensuring simple and straightforward installation.

Whether you are looking for a solution for your home, office or business, we have the perfect fireplace for you.

All our models boast an ultra-bright, ultra-realistic flame effect, visible both day and night. Energy-saving LED technology ensures effective and sustainable lighting. In addition, the beds and trunks are designed to further enhance the flame effect, making it brighter and more fascinating than ever before. With SINED, you get the warmth and charm of a real fireplace, without smoke or maintenance.
The fireplaces in this series are wall-mounted and not built-in..