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Stainless Steel Mini Tub and Garden Showers

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Inox Mini Tub and Garden Showers: when functionality meets aesthetics.

Imagine a cool summer shower in the heart of your garden, or the convenience of a stainless steel stand next to your walk-in bathtub. Our showers, while compact in size, are great in versatility and design. SINED designed this line with those who want a touch of class and practicality without compromising on space.

Made from the indomitable AISI 316L marine steel, our mini showers are designed to withstand the most adverse conditions. Whether you live in a maritime area or own a boat, you can count on the durability and strength of these products. In fact, thanks to their superior technical characteristics, they are also perfectly adapted to the salty environment, making them ideal for placement on boats, yachts and any other type of vessel.

But let’s not stop there. In addition to durability, these showers shine in aesthetics and functionality. Their sophisticated design makes them a real showpiece, capable of elevating the appearance of any space. And, despite their small size, they are equipped with the latest shower technology.

Installation? Forget the complications. With the included installation kit and detailed instructions, you’ll have your shower ready in no time. SINED has thought of everything, so that you can just concentrate on enjoying the experience of a refreshing or relaxing shower, depending on your needs.

If you are looking for a solution that combines design, durability and versatility, the Inox Mini Tub and Garden showers are for you. Be seduced by their beauty, and discover how big a small shower can be.