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Stainless Steel Showers with Foot Washing Faucet

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With SINED, immerse yourself in a totally new shower experience.

We have combined functionality and sustainability by offering showers with an integrated footwash faucet: an ideal and practical solution for saving water, especially when you just need to cool your feet. This function proves extremely useful in many situations, especially if you have children or when you are enjoying a day outdoors.

But we don’t stop there. Each shower is made of AISI 316L marine steel, a material choice that promises superior weather resistance and exceptional durability. This particular stainless steel is known for its exceptional anti-corrosive properties, particularly when exposed to saline or highly humid environments. The characteristic pitting resistance of 316L steel makes it the ideal choice for a shower that will look new year after year.

A special mention goes to the installation flexibility of our showers. Unlike typical outdoor showers that require direct sunlight, SINED showers can be positioned at your discretion, allowing you to choose the ideal location in your outdoor space without restrictions.

And to make your experience even more customised, SINED offers a wide range of finishes and colours. Whether you are looking for a bright, shiny look or a dull, understated tone, we have the right solution for you. We have paid attention to every detail, ensuring that every element, from the base to the footwash faucet, combines in harmony to create a shower that not only meets your functional needs, but also your aesthetic ones.

With SINED Inox showers with footwash faucet, you are not just choosing a product, you are investing in an experience. An experience that combines the innovation of sustainability with superior quality and timeless design. Choose SINED, and make the right choice for you and the planet.