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Pool and Garden Showers

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SINED: The Evolution of Pool and Garden Showers

When one thinks of outdoor showers, one often imagines something basic, functional but lacking in style. However, with SINED’s new Luna showers, this perception is about to change radically.

Aesthetics and Functionality in Perfect Harmony

Imagine a shower that not only blends perfectly with its surroundings, but also becomes a real focal point. Thanks to the sophisticated shades of black and white, Luna showers are a classy addition to any space, whether outdoors or indoors.

Always Ready, in Any Season

The beauty of the Luna showers does not stop at aesthetics alone. Thanks to the direct connection to the home’s water and heating system, these showers are ready for use at any time. Whether you want to cool down on a hot summer day or warm up after an autumn swim, Luna showers are the ideal solution. And with separate hot and cold water inlets, you can always have the perfect temperature.

Innovation that makes the difference

To call Luna showers simply new would be an understatement. These products represent a qualitative leap in the world of outdoor and indoor showers. Whether you choose the classic overhead showers or opt for the modern switchable shower heads, each shower promises an incomparable experience. And, a detail not to be overlooked, they are designed to be used not only during the summer, but also in the seasons in between, expanding the possibilities of use.

A Tribute to Italian Excellence

Every Luna shower brings with it the excellence of Italian design and engineering. With an eye always on innovation and aesthetics, SINED has created a product that not only meets functional needs, but also raises the aesthetic standard of any environment in which it is installed. And the icing on the cake? The valuable accessories, included in the package, that would otherwise incur additional costs.

SINED’s Luna showers are not just a new product on the market; they represent a new paradigm, combining functionality, design and practicality in one stunning package. Discover today how you can transform your space with these marvels of Italian ingenuity and creativity.