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Infrared Heaters Medium Wave

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Medium Wave Infrared Heaters SINED – Medium Wave Infrared Radiator IR-B: The balance between comfort and efficiency.

The comfort of a heated environment should never come at the expense of energy efficiency. SINED’s Medium Wave Infrared Comfort Light Heaters are a demonstration of how modern technology can offer an effective and sustainable answer to heating needs.

An Immediate Heat Sensation: Thanks to their gentle but enveloping heat emission, our heaters give an immediate pleasant feeling. We are not talking about the classic dry and prickly heat, but a warmth similar to that of the sun on a clear spring day.

Versatility and Elegance in Every Ambience: These devices are suitable for a variety of environments: whether it is the terrace of a bar, the lobby of a hotel, a relaxation area in a gymnasium or the aisle of a church. Their sophisticated and discreet design makes them perfect for even the most sophisticated spaces.

Performance and Comfort: IR-B technology harnesses the best of two worlds. It combines the energy efficiency of short-wave infrared (IR-A) with the comfort of long-wave (IR-C), ensuring optimal heating without compromise.

Included Remote Control: Comfort comes first. That is why all our items come with a handy remote control, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the heat with a simple click.

Weatherproof: Although their performance may be slightly affected by wind, their robustness makes them ideal for outdoor environments. They yield heat to both surfaces and the surrounding air, offering a complete thermal experience.

A Targeted Investment: If you are looking for a heating solution that is efficient, cost-effective, and at the same time high-end, SINED Medium Wave Infrared Heaters are the answer. Ideal for commercial and private use, they represent an innovation in the world of heating.

For those who want heating that combines refined aesthetics with exceptional performance, SINED Medium Wave Infrared Heaters are the ideal option. Enjoy an always warm and cosy environment while reducing energy consumption. Explore our range and find the model that best suits your needs!.