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Stainless Steel Showers

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SINED: Elegance and Durability in Stainless Steel

SINED is pleased to unveil a range of stainless steel showers that embody the best in design and durability. It’s no secret that quality speaks for itself, but with our AISI 316L stainless steel showers, dubbed marine steel, we are raising the bar. Besides extraordinary quality, what really sets our showers apart is an exclusive design, which makes them unique in the vast online landscape. Regardless of shape, size or type, we are sure you will find the ideal solution for you.

Superior Features
Our showers are not only a feast for the eyes, they are also designed to last. They come with all the necessary accessories for easy installation and are perfect for any type of environment, whether outdoors or indoors. With SINED showers, you are not just buying an accessory, but a design piece that enhances any space.

Steel Technology
AISI Inox 316L, or marine steel, has a lower carbon content than AISI 316. This specification makes it extremely resistant to corrosion, even in the most demanding environments such as highly saline or thermal areas. Unlike traditional solar showers, our showers do not need to be placed directly in the sun, giving you greater freedom of choice for installation.

Italian-style design
SINED’s revamped line of Garden, Pool and Outdoor Showers reflects undisputed Italian craftsmanship. Although production takes place on an industrial scale, the heart and soul of each product is profoundly Italian. Every stage, from design to certification, is handled with passion and precision directly from Italy, guaranteeing high-end products. Our commitment goes beyond national borders: we have entrusted physical production to a renowned Asian factory, known for its scrupulous quality control. But what really sets us apart are the technical specifications and included accessories, something you won’t find anywhere else.

With SINED, every drop of water becomes a luxury experience. Discover our catalogue and be inspired by a world of unprecedented style and quality.