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Electric Floor Fireplaces

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Are you looking for a fireplace that not only heats, but also decorates your space with elegance and sophistication? The Merapi electric fireplace from MPC could be the perfect choice for you.
Indulge in the warmth and style of the Merapi electric fireplace, the ideal solution for rooms up to 30 square metres such as homes, hotels, shopping centres, meeting rooms and more. Buy now and transform your space into a cosy and sophisticated corner!

With a charming creamy white colour, the fireplace presents itself not only as a source of warmth but also as an outstanding piece of furniture. The flame effect, achieved thanks to precision LEDs, can be modulated through 6 different intensities, offering you unprecedented customisation.
Attention to every detail, the fireplace features an exquisitely crafted MDF wood surround. The insert, with a solid metal structure, guarantees stability and durability, also supported by cold-rolled panels.

You can use it all year round with only the realistic LED flame effect..