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Sined Recessed Electric Fireplaces

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Sined Electric Fireplaces: Built-in or Freestanding for Large Environments.

Discover our exclusive range of Sined electric fireplaces, perfect for both built-in and floor standing. These fireplaces are not just heating tools, but true design pieces that add a touch of style and elegance to your space.

Among the proposals are the AMIATA-180, ETNA-300, VESUVIO-200 and VULTURE-150 models. Their dimensions, imposing and majestic, range from the 150 cm of the VULTURE model, ideal for smaller spaces, to the generous 300 cm of the ETNA model, passing through the AMIATA and VESUVIO models of 180 and 200 cm respectively. Designed for really large rooms.

If you are looking for the ideal solution for a spacious home, a luxurious hotel, a shopping mall, an exhibition hall, a hotel lobby, a meeting room or representative rooms, these fireplaces are the perfect choice. Each model is designed to offer: economy and efficiency in one, speed and ease of installation, clean and modern lines for trendy environments, remote control, programmable timer (daily and weekly) and an open window sensor with audible alarm.

Choosing a Sined electric fireplace means guaranteeing a warm, cosy and safe environment, with the certainty of a product of quality and design. Invest in beauty and comfort, choose Sined..