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Infrared Floor Heaters

SINED Floor-standing Infrared Heaters: Sophisticated design and construction excellence at your service.

The cold can often deter us from enjoying our outdoor spaces, depriving us of relaxing moments or convivial occasions outdoors. With SINED, these limitations are bound to disappear. Our proposal for free-standing infrared heaters stems from careful design research, which makes each piece an authentic piece of furniture, and from the use of high quality materials and technologies, which guarantee durability and unparalleled performance.

Sustainability and Savings: Thinking green is not only responsible, but can also become a genuine economic advantage. Thanks to infrared technology, space heating becomes more efficient, reducing consumption and ensuring optimal thermal comfort. And with wattages ranging from 2000 to 4000 WATT, the possibility of choosing the intensity of the heat further optimises consumption, adapting the heater’s performance to the real needs of the room.

Remote control included: Every detail of our heaters is designed for maximum user-friendliness. The presence of a remote control allows the heater’s functions to be adjusted even remotely, making it easy to adapt performance to the needs of the moment.

A passion for design and attention to build quality have always been the cornerstones of our company. With the floor-standing infrared heaters, these two souls merge perfectly, offering a heating solution that integrates harmoniously into any context, without compromising on high performance.

Floor-mounted infrared heaters from SINED: the answer to the needs of those who want the best, in every season.