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Solar Shower Pools and Garden

Solar Shower Pools and Garden SINED: Hot water, design, colour and savings, all in one.

With the arrival of hot, sunny days, who doesn’t dream of a refreshing break in an outdoor shower? SINED elevates this experience to new levels with the SOLE series of solar showers. These showers are not only functional, but are also a real eye-catcher for your garden or swimming pool, thanks to their sleek design and exclusive gunmetal black colour.

The uniqueness lies not only in the design. The choice of material, PEHD – non-toxic high molecular density polyethylene – guarantees remarkable resistance. Be it UV rays, chemicals or simple atmospheric agents, your SINED shower will remain intact and perform over time. And don’t forget the accessories: the anti-limescale filter and robust cover are included, guaranteeing low maintenance and long life.
Last but not least, the colour, available in 6 different colours so you can adapt it to any outdoor environment.

The comfort-oriented design is reflected in every detail: from the large shower head with anti-limescale nozzles to the 25-litre tank capacity. Imagine being able to enjoy numerous hot showers on a sunny day, all thanks to the power of the sun. And with the mixer to regulate the water between hot and cold, the foot wash and the swivelling shower head, every shower becomes a moment of pure relaxation.

But the real magic? It’s in the savings. While enjoying the pleasure of a shower heated by the sun, you can also celebrate the fact that you are reducing your electricity bill and contributing to a more sustainable world. With SINED solar showers, hot water becomes not only a pleasant experience, but also a responsible choice.

Choosing a SINED solar shower for pools and gardens means opting for a winning combination of style, functionality and sustainability. Revolutionise your summer experience and contribute to a greener future.