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The convector heater: Energy Efficiency and Innovative Design.

Heating the rooms of our home efficiently and elegantly is a desire that many people share, and the solution we present fulfils both of these requirements. A stove or convector with a unique, slim design, practically the same height as the skirting board, is an elegant solution for domestic spaces.

Minimalist and Elegant Design.
Its slim and refined silhouette blends perfectly into any environment. Whether you decide to place it on the floor or fix it to the wall, this stove will become an integral part of your décor, almost like a functional sculpture. Available in 3 models with wattages of 1800, 2000 and 2200 W, it offers versatile options for every heating need.

Efficiency and Power
Don’t let its compact appearance fool you: this stove is a real force of nature. With a capacity to transform as much as 99% of the energy consumed into heat, it guarantees efficient and constant heating, eliminating waste and optimising consumption.

Natural Convection: Quiet and Effective.
The real triumph of this stove is its ability to utilise the principle of natural convection. The hot air produced rises naturally, pushing the cold air downwards. This mechanism ensures even heat distribution and, since there are no moving mechanical parts, completely silent operation. These features, combined with the absence of flames, no consumption of oxygen and no production of odours, make the convector heater not only an efficient, but also a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

Flexible installation.
Each unit comes with everything needed for easy installation. If you wish to add a touch of suspended elegance, you can easily fix it to the wall. Every detail has been thought out to provide you with a practical, elegant and long-lasting heating solution.

With its unique design, energy efficiency and silence, it represents a revolution in the world of home heating systems. Be seduced by its elegance and functionality. Put comfort and efficiency first with our design and technology proposition..