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11 October 2023

Innovation in fast and safe installation

In a world where efficiency is at the center of daily needs, simplicity and safety in the installation of household equipment become essential.

When it comes to showers, whether indoor or outdoor, the stability and durability of the installation are of crucial importance.

Often, installing or positioning outdoor showers – whether in gardens, pools, beach resorts, or other outdoor areas – can present challenges. Issues such as unstable fixation, inadequate water connections, or exposure to weather elements can compromise the user experience.

However, thanks to the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, SINED has revolutionized the installation process.

We have introduced a series of exclusive accessories designed to make shower installation not only simpler but also incredibly stable and durable. An example is our dedicated component, the C-BOX, specifically designed for our 316L Stainless Steel Showers.

This innovative solution ensures a secure installation by connecting the shower to the household water system and providing both hot and cold water supply. But that’s not all, the C-BOX also offers a solid and sturdy ground fixation, eliminating any concerns of instability.

When it comes to pool and garden showers, we haven’t left anything to chance. In addition to being connectable to the household water system, they come with anchoring dowels and special Nylon protection bushes. This combination ensures impeccable sealing, even in the most adverse conditions.

Our range of solar heated showers benefits from the same attention to detail. They also come with anchoring dowels and the same Nylon bushes. The goal? To ensure quick, efficient, and above all, safe installation, in any circumstance.

These developments and enhancements are the result of years of research and practical field experience. At SINED, we don’t settle for “good”; we always aim for excellence. We are particularly proud of the innovative solutions we have developed and are delighted to offer our customers an unparalleled combination of design, functionality, and safety.

In conclusion, when you choose a SINED shower, you’re not just choosing a visually appealing and functional product, but also a solution designed with the user in mind. Our promise is simple: to offer products that make everyday life easier, minimizing problems, and maximizing satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing SINED: innovation at your service for peace of mind.

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Robert Gotarra

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