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Electric Patio Heaters

SINED Electric Umbrella Heater – Powerful Design and Functionality.

Imagine being able to spend winter evenings outside, enjoying the cool of the season, but wrapped in the cosy warmth of a high-class heater. With SINED Electric Umbrella Heaters, this dream becomes reality.

Versatility and Functionality in an Elegant Design.
Power ratings ranging from 200 to 4000 WATT ensure that every heating need is met. Whether you are looking to heat the area of a trendy bar, the terrace of a luxury hotel or the pool area of a resort, we have the right solution for you. And if the desire is to create a warm and cosy corner in your home terrace or garden gazebo, our Electric Umbrella Heaters are the perfect choice.

Warming outdoor spaces in style.
Winter brings with it its unique charm, but it can also mean having to give up outdoor spaces due to low temperatures. With SINED, this is no longer a worry. Our extensive range of heaters is specifically designed to provide efficient and effective heating for terraces and gardens. Each heater has been carefully designed to blend harmoniously with its environment, offering an aesthetic touch as well as functionality.

Customised solutions for every need.
Versatility is at the heart of our offer. In our online shop, you will find infrared heaters designed to ensure that every space has the perfect solution.

An Investment in Aesthetics and Comfort
SINED heaters are not just functional tools; they are also pieces of art. Their sophisticated design and clean lines fit into any environment, making them a perfect addition to both commercial and residential areas. Every time you turn on a SINED heater, you are not just bringing warmth to a space; you are adding a touch of elegance.

SINED electric heaters are the epitome of innovation in the world of outdoor heating. Combining design, power and functionality, we offer solutions that make any outdoor space ready to be experienced and enjoyed, regardless of the season. Explore our range today and bring the comfort of warmth to your outdoor space..