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11 October 2023

C-BOX secure fastening system from SINED

SINED’s C-BOX FIXING SYSTEM represents innovation in the world of stainless steel outdoor showers.
We have always recognized the importance of solid and secure anchoring. It is essential that a shower, especially one made of a fine material such as stainless steel, is properly secured to the ground, ensuring stability and safety during use.

In the past, many have been faced with complicated or ineffective fastening systems. This has often led to situations where a high-quality shower, while aesthetically perfect, was not as stable or secure as it should have been. These situations can pose a risk, especially in outdoor areas exposed to the elements.

With these considerations in mind, SINED developed the C-BOX. This fastening system is the perfect synthesis of simplicity and effectiveness.
Its main function is to connect the shower directly to the home’s water system, allowing both hot and cold water to flow in. But this is not the only thing that makes it special.

SINED’s C-BOX is the ideal ally for those who want flawless installation of stainless steel showers.

This is not just an anchoring system; it is a promise of safety, efficiency and durability. Designed specifically for AISI 316L stainless showers, the C-BOX allows a direct connection to the domestic system, providing access to both hot and cold water.

This means having a high-performing and reliable outdoor shower, ready to offer you moments of pure relaxation.
With the C-BOX, SINED elevates the standardization of installations, making your outdoor shower experience synonymous with excellence and comfort.

Stainless steel shower attachment system

One of the distinctive features of the C-BOX is its lockable lid.

This feature is particularly useful when, for whatever reason, the shower needs to be disassembled.

It protects the couplings and quick couplings, ensuring that they are not exposed to damage or wear.

Open fastening system

To ensure maximum stability, the C-BOX is equipped with four metal dowels. These dowels allow secure attachment to the cemented ground.

It is essential, during installation, to make sure that the C-BOX is perfectly level to ensure the correct verticality of the shower.

Inside the C-BOX, you will find the innovative quick-connect couplers, designed to easily connect the steel shower.

These couplings, located at the base of the shower, are protected by a triple system of OR rings, which ensure a watertight seal and prevent any leakage.

What you will find for assembly

Sometimes a drawing is enough instead of many words

How to fix a stainless steel shower safely

SINED’s C-BOX FIXING SYSTEM is not just an anchoring mechanism; it is a guarantee of safety, efficiency and longevity for your stainless steel shower. With C-BOX, the outdoor shower experience reaches new levels of excellence.

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