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10 October 2023


New Release: Sined Introduces the Curved Outdoor Shower in Stainless Steel 316L!

Sined is proud to present its latest masterpiece of design and functionality: the ALGHERO SINED outdoor shower. Made entirely of satin-finished AISI Stainless Steel 316L, it represents the perfect synthesis of aesthetics, durability, and functionality.

Key Features:

Versatility: This outdoor shower is not just for pools and gardens. With its technical specifications, it’s great for hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, beach resorts, home bathrooms, and spas.

3-way Mixer: Provides the option to have hot water from both the overhead showerhead and the hand-held sprayer, ensuring comfort and flexibility.

Quality Materials: Stainless steel 316L, known as “marine-grade steel,” ensures corrosion resistance, especially in highly saline environments. Perfect, therefore, for structures near the sea.

Stainless Steel of Another Level: Stainless steel 316L differs from AISI 316 due to a lower carbon content, making it even more resistant to corrosion. This steel is ideal for spas and other environments where resistance to extreme conditions is essential.

With a higher percentage of chromium and molybdenum compared to standard marine steel, 316L is resistant not only to the corrosive effects of saltwater but also to acids and salts present in thermal waters.

Installation: To ensure maximum stability and safety, it is recommended to install the shower on a solid and perfectly leveled base. The package includes anchors and the C-BOX for simple and safe installation.

The ALGHERO SINED outdoor shower is the ideal solution for those who want to combine design, durability, and practicality. Not just a piece of furniture, but a functional element that will become a focal point for your outdoor space.

Buy now and enjoy the freshness and comfort that only Sined can offer!

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Paolo Benedetti

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