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11 October 2023

Double water inlet stainless steel showers for outdoor use

Innovation According to Sined

In the ongoing evolution of outdoor showers, Sined has always aimed at optimizing and ensuring the quality of its products. Stainless steel showers, with their durability and design, are particularly suitable for outdoor spaces, and now with the new dual-entry system, the user experience becomes even more advanced and comfortable.

The new system allows direct connection to the household water supply, both for hot and cold water. This revolutionary feature ensures the use of stainless steel showers practically throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. While many outdoor showers rely on solar energy to heat water, Sined showers do not have this limitation, offering a constant flow and always ideal water temperature.

The dual water inlet is not just a technical feature but represents a true extension of the household water system. This means you have the freedom and flexibility to use your outdoor shower whenever you want, without worrying about limitations related to the availability of hot water.

But how does the system work exactly? Well, beneath ground level, you’ll find our innovative ground fixation system. This system ensures that the shower is securely anchored, providing stability and safety. Once installed, the water pipes are directly connected to the shower through the dual inlet. This connection is designed to be simple and efficient, eliminating any complications during the installation phase.

The entire process, although highly technical, has been conceived with the end user in mind. The ease of installation and use demonstrates Sined’s attention to combining innovation and practicality.

Double water attachment C-BOX

Open fixation system

Double water attachment, water attachments at the base.

With Sined, innovation shines through in every drop of water.

Sined’s outdoor stainless steel showers, thanks to the dual water inlet system, represent a leap forward in the world of outdoor showers. Not only for the undisputed quality and durability of the material, but also for the possibility of having hot and cold water at any time, making each shower a luxurious experience.

This is not just a simple addition to the product range, but a true revolution in the way we live and experience the outdoor spaces of our home.

Sined showers are not only ideal for outdoor spaces but also shine in indoor settings. The superb quality of our showers, combined with the practicality and versatility of accessories like intuitive attachments, makes them perfect for every corner of your home.

Imagine having a Sined shower in your bathroom: elegant design and functionality blend to create a refined and contemporary atmosphere.

With Sined, you can bring the excellence of outdoor showers directly into the comfort of your home!

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