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11 October 2023

Fireplaces built into the wall

Innovation Meets Elegance

Home represents the beating heart of our lives, the place where we seek refuge for comfort and well-being. And what element could evoke a sense of warmth and welcome more than a fireplace?

With SINED, a leading company in the heating sector, this experience becomes even more unique and special thanks to the built-in electric wall fireplaces, designed to seamlessly blend with the interior wall.

The novelty lies in the sophisticated design and custom dimensions, making these fireplaces a true piece of recessed art. And the quality? Guaranteed 100% by SINED. The company offers customers a wide range of choices, capable of meeting every aesthetic and functional need. Every detail, from shape to finish, has been carefully crafted to ensure a product that meets expectations.

But what truly sets SINED’s built-in fireplaces apart is their versatility. Have an old fireplace you no longer use? With the recessed models, you can transform it into an ultra-modern design element. In short, it’s the perfect opportunity to breathe life and warmth into your space, whether it’s a cozy living room or a majestic reception hall.

No matter the season: with SINED’s built-in electric fireplaces, every moment is right to create the perfect atmosphere. During warm summer days, you can simply admire the LED flame effect, which perfectly mimics the flicker of real flames, without producing heat. And to make the experience even more comfortable, each fireplace comes with a remote control, allowing you to control every function from your couch.

But beauty and functionality aren’t the only priorities for SINED. The company places great emphasis on environmental respect and energy savings. These fireplaces are equipped with the best technologies to ensure low consumption, helping you reduce bills and do your part for the planet. As further evidence of its commitment to quality and sustainability, every SINED built-in electric fireplace holds CE and ERP certifications.

Choosing a SINED built-in fireplace means embracing a perfect mix of style, functionality, and sustainability. Because when it comes to heating and design, SINED is always one step ahead.

Below you’ll see one of our built-in or wall-mounted fireplaces.

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