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9 October 2023

Sined Winter Promotion on Built-in Fireplaces

Sined Winter: A Revolution in Home Heating with Our Recessed Fireplace Promotion!

In the continuous evolution of interior design and modern living needs, functionality and aesthetics must go hand in hand. And it is precisely in this direction that Sined has decided to focus with its new collection of recessed fireplaces. This winter, we will not only warm your heart but also offer you an exclusive promotion to ensure maximum comfort with a touch of class.

Sined’s recessed fireplaces represent an innovative and sophisticated solution for those who want to have an efficient heating system without compromising the style of the home environment. They are designed for the most particular installations: flush-mounted in walls, whether they are masonry, drywall, or wood, they harmonize seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The possibility of inserting them into custom furniture, bookcases, and wall paneling makes them versatile and adaptable to every furnishing need.

Innovation doesn’t stop at design. The cutting-edge technology of our fireplaces guarantees optimal performance and efficient energy consumption. Thanks to the ERP 2009 certifications, they are able to provide heating based on the desired temperature, regulated by an internal temperature sensor, an advanced thermostat, and a weekly timer. This means you’ll always have complete control over the comfort of your home, adjusting the heat according to your needs and weekly schedule.

Another strong point that makes Sined’s recessed fireplaces unique is the predisposition for TOTAL RECESS with active heating function. This feature sets us apart in the European market, making us leaders in the field.

We have designed our range to be as extensive as possible, in order to meet any space and style requirement. With sizes ranging from 60 cm, 75 cm, 108 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, up to the grandeur of 3 meters, there is definitely a Sined fireplace perfect for you.

This winter season, don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your living space with a touch of elegance and functionality. Trust in the quality and innovation of Sined and take advantage of our promotion on recessed fireplaces. Your home will thank you.

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Paolo Benedetti

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