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12 October 2023

How SINED builds QUARTU ORO ROSA model showers


How SINED builds QUARTU-GOLD model showers.

The QUARTU-ORO-ROSA, QUARTU-ORO and SHOWER-QUARTU-CANNA-FUCILE models are part of this series.

In the panorama of outdoor or home bathroom furniture, one of the great innovations comes directly from the method of construction used by SINED, an Italian company known for its marked penchant for innovation.
Today, we dive into the technological world behind the QUARTU ORO model stainless steel shower, one of the company’s most sought-after creations.

The secret behind the glamour: PVD coatings.
The first thing that strikes you about QUARTU GOLD is their shiny and durable appearance. This is possible thanks to the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process.
This technique allows very thin layers of metals such as zirconium, chromium, and titanium to be deposited on different surfaces through a process that takes place in vacuum chambers.
Metal ions, accelerated by an electric field, are deposited on the material, creating a homogeneous and robust coating.

But what makes PVD special?
In addition to its brilliance and ability to impart a refined appearance, PVD offers tangible benefits:

Strength: Extreme surface hardness (2000/2500 HV) that protects against scratches and wear.
Longevity: It offers maximum resistance to corrosion and UV light (2400 hours according to UNI 9397).
Versatility: Different colors and finishes can be achieved.
Sustainability: Unlike other processes, PVD has a reduced environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly process.
Safety: The coating is hypoallergenic and also safe for food applications.

In addition to showers, PVD has applications in many fields, from eyewear to automobiles, demonstrating its versatility.

SINED: Cutting edge made reality
SINED’s decision to adopt PVD was no accident. The company has always had a clear vision: to offer superior products, both aesthetically and functionally.
By integrating PVD into production, SINED has turned an advanced technology into a hallmark of its products.

The QUARTU ORO model showers, therefore, is not just a design object, but is an expression of an ongoing commitment to research and innovation. It represents the pinnacle of technological evolution, where beauty blends with durability and strength.

In a market where the focus is often on savings, SINED proves that investment in quality and innovation always pays off. The slight price difference between SINED’s TOP LINE stainless showers and others on the market is amply justified through the tangible benefits and durability offered by products like QUARTU ORO stainless showers.

SINED is not just a manufacturer, but a true pioneer, and with each new creation, it reaffirms its commitment to excellence.

SINED is not just a manufacturer, but a true pioneer, and with each new creation, it reaffirms its commitment to excellence.

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