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10 October 2023


New in the Garden: Introducing the Tritone Pro Fountain by Sined!

Sined is proud to present the Tritone Pro, a multifunctional garden fountain that combines style and efficiency. This design element is not just an aesthetic touch but also a practical and functional addition to any outdoor space.

The harmony between functionality and design reaches its peak with the Tritone Pro fountain by Sined. Designed for those who love their garden and desire a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution, Tritone Pro represents innovation in the world of outdoor furnishings.

The Tritone Pro, with its elegant white finish, is constructed from HDPE, a high-strength polyethylene known for its resistance to UV rays, limescale, and saltwater. This resilience makes it ideal not only for gardens and pools but also for beaches and marine environments.

One of the highlights of this fountain is its high-quality 7.5-meter flexible hose, accompanied by a quick-attach nozzle that offers 8 different types of jets. Whether you’re watering plants or cleaning outdoor spaces, the Tritone Pro ensures the flexibility and efficiency you need.

Additionally, inside you’ll find a storage compartment and a 5-liter bucket made of PHD polyethylene. The aluminum lid and Black Matt metal alloy faucet accentuate its chic design, while the included fixing dowels ensure stability and safety.

Installation? Simple and immediate! No specific skills are required for assembly, and once installed, the Tritone Pro is easily movable and sanitizable.

In summary, Tritone Pro is not just a simple garden fountain but a true furniture complement, designed for those who want the most from their outdoor area. Ideal for irrigation, as well as a water point for outdoor events, Sined’s fountain sets a new standard in the world of garden furnishings.

Immediate installation, easy cleaning, and made with high-quality materials, Tritone Pro is the perfect choice for those who want to combine style, functionality, and durability in their green space.

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Paolo Benedetti

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