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1 March 2023

Here we are at last! SINED lands in Sicily

A Strategic Alliance: SINED and Gruppo Inventa Bring the Excellence of SINED Products to Sicily and the Maltese Market.

We are excited to announce an unprecedented collaboration between SINED and Gruppo Inventa, an alliance that is bringing the innovation and excellence of SINED products to the captivating regions of Sicily and the Maltese market. This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in bringing comfort, style, and functionality to new coastal settings.

The Art of Elegance: Thanks to the collaboration with Gruppo Inventa, SINED presents its characteristic elegant and sophisticated design on the picturesque beaches of Sicily and Malta. Each product is a testament to SINED’s artistry and dedication to creating high-level solutions that harmoniously blend with the surrounding environment, enriching the experience of those traveling and relaxing in these extraordinary locations.

Innovation Along the Coastline: SINED and Gruppo Inventa bring to Sicily and Malta a catalog of products that represent the pinnacle of innovation. From stainless steel showers to coastal relaxation structures, each element has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, using top-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. This blend of cutting-edge design and durable functionality makes SINED products an unbeatable choice for the charming coastlines of these regions.

A Bridge between Cultures and Lifestyles: The partnership between SINED and Gruppo Inventa is not just a business collaboration, but also an opportunity to create a bridge between different cultures and lifestyles. SINED products represent a meeting point between the art of Italian design and the needs of local communities. This synergistic approach results in customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each destination.

Immersive Experience: We invite the residents and visitors of Sicily and Malta to discover the SINED experience at Gruppo Inventa’s retail outlets. Here, you can experience the luxury and comfort of our products firsthand, explore endless customization possibilities, and receive support from experts who will guide you in purchasing the ideal solutions for your beaches and coastal spaces.

Conclusion: The collaboration between SINED and Gruppo Inventa represents a synergy of innovation, style, and functionality. The arrival of SINED products in Sicily and the Maltese market marks a significant moment in the expansion of these high-quality solutions. Join us in exploring the blend of Italian design and the enchanting atmosphere of these regions, thanks to this collaboration characterized by excellence.

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Denis Gottifredi

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