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Vases Spheres Luminous Objects

Vases, Spheres, Luminous Objects – A Light on Every Detail

Rediscover the beauty and charm of your outdoor and indoor spaces with unconventional lighting that combines practicality and aesthetics. Imagine your garden, terrace or living room illuminated by lighting solutions that are both decorative objects and sources of light.

Our selection ranges from designer floor lamps to self-contained solar spheres, from luminous stools perfect for outdoor evenings to occasional tables that become points of light, from the magic of an illuminated moon to a swing that seems suspended thanks to its light. And again, luminous vases that enhance the beauty of daytime plants and make them protagonists at night.

Each piece in our collection is designed to surprise and fascinate, to create suggestive atmospheres and give personality to every corner of the house. Imagine a garden party with stools and tables that become mood lighting or a romantic dinner on the terrace lit only by floating solar spheres.

Sustainability is at the heart of our proposition: many of our objects are powered by solar energy, saving energy and respecting the environment. Innovation is combined with respect for nature, giving you lighting solutions with low environmental impact but high aesthetic impact.

Construction quality is one of our priorities. That is why all items are made of high-strength polyethylene, guaranteeing durability and weather resistance.

Make every moment special, give your space a new face and let the magic of light envelop you. Because with our Vases, Spheres and Luminous Objects, every corner of your home can shine with its own light.