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30 June 2023

Photo shooting Sined

Resort Torre Marabino Hosts Sined’s 2024 Catalog Photoshoot: Elegance and Sophistication in Sicily

Sined is thrilled to announce an extraordinary project: a photoshoot for the 2024 catalog held at the magnificent Resort Torre Marabino in Sicily. This exclusive event captures the essence of elegance and beauty of our products in a charming setting, creating breathtaking images that will captivate the heart and imagination.

The Magic of Torre Marabino: Resort Torre Marabino is a gem of Sicily, a place where elegance and sophistication merge with the enchanting atmosphere of the island. With its extraordinary design, stunning pool, and panoramic location, Torre Marabino provided the perfect backdrop for our photos, emphasizing the harmony between our products and the surrounding environment.

The Art of Design: The aim of the photoshoot is to capture the art of Sined’s product design in all its magnificence. Stainless steel showers and coastal furnishings are showcased in a setting where luxury intertwines with nature, demonstrating how Sined creates products that harmoniously blend with the environment and enrich the space.

A Visual Journey in Elegance: The images produced during the photoshoot are a visual journey in elegance and beauty. Each photograph captures attention to detail, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship that define Sined’s products. These images not only showcase the products but also tell a story of style, comfort, and design.

Raising Expectations: The photoshoot at Torre Marabino aims to raise expectations, presenting Sined products in a context that goes beyond the ordinary. The images will inspire not only customers but also designers and architects, demonstrating how Sined can be the perfect choice for projects seeking a blend of luxury and practicality.

An Expression of Excellence: The images created during the photoshoot are a tangible expression of our pursuit of excellence. Every detail, from lighting to angle, is carefully curated to capture the essence of the products and the atmosphere of Torre Marabino. These images will be the result of a total commitment to present Sined products in the most extraordinary way possible.

The photoshoot at Resort Torre Marabino is a unique experience in exploring the elegance, beauty, and sophistication of Sined products. These images capture the essence of our design and the synergy between the surrounding environment and our products. The 2024 catalog will be a tangible testament to how Sined can transform spaces into oases of luxury and style.

We thank the entire staff of the Resort and Mr. Francesco for their patience and collaboration. Sined highly recommends this magical location to all its customers.

Indirizzo: C.da Marabino, 97014 Ispica RG, Italia
Telefono+39 0932 795060

Video of the showers

Video of the sdraio chaise lounge

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