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Category: Outdoor Lighting

11 October 2023 0 Comments

SINED presents the New Luminous Solar Spheres for Outdoors!

Sined presents: Solar Light Spheres for an Outdoor Magic

Magic has a new name: Sined’s outdoor solar light spheres. These jewels of design and technology have quickly established themselves as the ideal solution for those who wish to bring a touch of enchantment and a dreamy atmosphere to their outdoor spaces.

If you imagine a moon-kissed summer night, with Sined’s spheres, you can add small, personalized moons that will illuminate your special moments. Running on solar power, these spheres charge during the day, providing you with soft, warm illumination at night.
Their built-in sensor ensures that, even with cloudy skies, your garden or patio is enveloped in enchanted light.

The final touch? An included remote control to give you full control over the situation. With it, you can adjust the light intensity, changing from dim to bright, perfect for those moments when you want to create a special atmosphere.

But these orbs are not just a charming addition to your home. Made of durable ABS and equipped with a remote control, Sined’s spheres are versatile for:

Garden decoration: make every corner a little illuminated paradise.
Events and weddings: add a bright and romantic touch.
Nighttime decoration: because beauty knows no time.
Beach bars and chill out areas: for unforgettable tropical nights.
Relaxation areas, spas: bringing serenity and an ethereal aura.
Interiors and clubs: even indoors, the magic continues.

We invite you to explore all the possibilities these luminous spheres can offer. And with the quality and innovation that has always been Sined’s trademark, you can expect a product that not only looks great but is built to last.

To learn more and start your own illuminated adventure, visit our website. Sined is here to bring bright, enchanting light into your life.

And with our solar light spheres, every night will be magical.

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11 October 2023 0 Comments

Floating BOA Light: Safety and Fun from SINED


Floating Lighted Buoy: Safety and Fun by SINED

The sea has always exerted an irresistible fascination on humanity. It is a place of adventure, mystery, beauty, but also danger. With the aim of making every moment spent in the water both memorable and safe, SINED has developed a cutting-edge solution: solar-powered floating buoys.

In the modern era, where ecology and sustainability play a central role, SINED presents these buoys as a symbol of innovation and environmental care. Powered exclusively by solar energy, these buoys not only light up at sunset, ensuring visibility and safety, but they do so in a completely sustainable way.

Imagine an evening by the pool or at the seaside, where these solar buoys gently illuminate the surrounding environment, creating a magical atmosphere and allowing clear identification of paths or specific areas.

But the magic doesn’t end there. These buoys are designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding the harshest marine conditions, and therefore suitable for prolonged use in the sea, lakes, and waterways.

Moreover, their function is not only decorative or signaling. They can be used to demarcate safe bathing areas, indicate paths in aquatic sports events, or simply add a touch of light to special evenings.

The elegant design of SINED’s floating buoys makes them suitable for any setting. Whether you’re organizing a pool party, a regatta, or just want to enjoy a quiet night on your dock, these buoys will definitely make a difference.

SINED has always aimed to combine functionality and aesthetics in every product, and with these solar-powered floating buoys, the company has reached a new milestone. Not only are they useful, but they also contribute to creating an ecological and sustainable environment.

If you want to learn more about the incredible features of SINED’s solar-powered floating buoys and how they can transform your water experiences, visit our website. There you will find all the necessary information and you can also make a purchase.

With SINED’s floating solar buoys, every moment spent in the water will become a unique, safe, and unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to step into the future with SINED. Enjoy the magic of sustainable lighting.


10 October 2023 0 Comments


Sined Introduces: Solar LED Polyethylene Lighted Planter – “SOLAR SQUARE POT 102”

The new trend in interior and exterior design shines green with the launch of Sined’s “SOLAR SQUARE POT 102”. Innovation meets aesthetics in this self-charging solar planter, which promises not only to be a decorative element but also an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution.

The Future of Illuminated Decor:

As traditional lighting meets the art of gardening, this illuminated planter becomes a pièce de résistance for both indoor and outdoor spaces. When illuminated, it creates a charming atmosphere with internal LED lights, whose color variations and intensity are easily adjustable. But when the light goes out, the planter assumes a purely aesthetic function, blending harmoniously with its surroundings.

Key Features:

RGB Versatility: Customize the atmosphere by choosing from a wide range of colors with the included remote control, also adjusting intensity and lighting effects.

Advanced Functionality: In addition to autonomous solar lighting, the planter can be recharged via USB, ensuring continuous illumination even indoors. And with auto-sensing, the planter automatically lights up as darkness falls.

Safety and Stability: Secure it to the ground with the included stake, ensuring it remains stable even on windy days.


Proudly Made in ITALY: A guarantee of quality and cutting-edge design.

Resilient and Durable: Built to withstand the elements, from scorching sun to harsh winters, without sacrificing style.

Versatility: Not just a light source, but also a functional planter for your favorite plants.

Aesthetic and Practicality: Lightweight and design make this planter a must-have for any design enthusiast.

Discover the future of decor with the “SOLAR SQUARE POT 102” and let yourself be illuminated by a new vision of design.

Available now for all furniture and interior design enthusiasts.

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